The Versions of Us is number one on the Sunday Times bestseller list!

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6 January 2016:

Late yesterday my editor, Kirsty Dunseath, telephoned with some amazing news: the paperback edition of The Versions of Us, published last week (31 December), has entered the Sunday Times paperback bestseller list at number one.

It’s hard to convey just how much this means to me. I’ve never wanted to do anything other than write novels, and while anyone who dreams of being a writer also dreams of one day finding an audience for their writing, it is more than anyone, surely, can hope for to see their first novel become a bestseller. It has been quite an emotional moment for me, and for my family, too!

Such things do not, of course, happen in a vacuum, and without a lot of hard work behind the scenes – so I really am enormously grateful to everyone at my agency, Greene & Heaton, and at my UK publishers, Weidenfeld & Nicolson. A lovelier bunch of people you couldn’t hope to meet.

And most importantly, of course, I am grateful to everyone who has bought and enjoyed The Versions of Us so far. 

And now, of course, back to the hard work… Finishing my second novel, Greatest Hits. These novels just refuse to write themselves…