Blogger and author Helen Redfern has come up with what I think is an absolute, gold-platedly brilliant idea: to reflect her love of literature and cooking in a series of recipes inspired by the novels she is reading.

In January 2016, she came up with a recipe for the fish pie Eva prepares in version one of The Versions of Us, for the first dinner party she throws with Jim at their house in Gipsy Hill.  This matt well be the best blog I’ve read yet about the novel – and I am fully intending to have a go at Helen’s recipe asap…

Helen is working on a book of literary recipes, and I for one can’t wait to read it; I wish her the very best of luck. Do follow her blog, and her other recipes (including tinned spaghetti and sausages to go with my fellow W&N author Antonia Honeywell’s The Ship, and lardy cake to accompany Jilly Cooper’s Riders), here.

Read the full recipe on Helen's blog.