Another chance to hear my Christmas short story, Survivors, on BBC Radio 4, Saturday 23 December 2017, 3.45pm

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December 2017 In 2016, the lovely folks at BBC Radio 4 commissioned me to write a short story on a festive theme. The story I came up with – Survivors, a tale of blended families surviving Christmas Day, read by the amazing Tamsin Greig – was first broadcast at Christmas 2016. And now, in 2017, you […]

Gliterary Lunch, Edinburgh – Thursday 7 December, midday, Principal Hotel

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In 2016, I had a great time addressing my first ‘Gliterary Lunch’ in Glasgow – a fantastic roomful of interesting women from across Scotland, brought together by their interest in both business and books. It’s such a great idea for an event, so I’m really happy to be heading to Edinburgh in 2017 with my […]

Lines of Retreat at the Chester Literature Festival, Sunday 19 November – 8.30pm

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In October 2016, I spent a few days shut up in a house in Durham with a number of other authors and musicians, on a retreat that was to change my life. “Life-changing” is the kind of phrase that is often over-stated, but in my case, that creative experience really did change things for me. […]

New cover design for Greatest Hits UK paperback

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November 2017 The UK paperback edition of Greatest Hits – out on 8 March 2018 – is to carry a new cover design. Readers of The Versions of Us may observe echoes of that book’s cover, with its wallpaper-style motif featuring characters and scenes from the novel. This cover also have a uniquely 70s vibe, to […]

Laura Barnett & Kathryn Williams – Greatest Hits, Chester Literature Festival – Saturday 18 November, 2.30pm

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I loved talking about The Versions of Us in Chester in 2016, so I’m really thrilled to be heading back to the beautiful city – and its brand-new story centre, Storyhouse, for the 2017 Literature Festival. On Saturday 18 November at 2.30pm, I’ll be talking about my unique collaboration with Kathryn Williams on Greatest Hits. Tickets are £8 […]

Greatest Hits – Laura Barnett at the Wantage (Not Just) Betjeman Literary Festival, Sunday 22 October, 7pm

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Join me at the Beacon in Portway, Wantage, Oxfordshire, for a discussion of my second novel Greatest Hits, and a chance to hear some of the songs written by Kathryn Williams as part of our unique collaboration on the novel’s soundtrack. The event is at 7pm on Sunday 22 October, as part of the Wantage (Not […]

Kathryn Williams & Laura Barnett at the Humber Mouth Literature Festival, Hull – Thursday 5 October, Hull Central Library, 8pm

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My first ever trip to Hull was in November 2016, to do an event about The Versions of Us for the Humber Mouth Literature Festival.  I had a fantastic time, so I’m doubly delighted to be heading back to the city – this year’s Capital of Culture – in October 2017 with my creative wife Kathryn […]

TedX talk on originality in fiction

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August 2017 Late last year, I was asked to give a TedX talk at my old university, Cambridge, as part of a day-long TedX event on the theme of “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”. My first instinct was to run and hide under the bed: to give a 15-minute talk, without notes, to a […]

Songs In The Key of Life: event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Wednesday 16 August, 7pm

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The city of Edinburgh has a special place in my heart: not only is it where I spent every August for almost a decade, covering the various arts festivals for the Guardian and then the Daily Telegraph, but it’s also where, nine years ago this summer, I met my husband, Andy. So I’ll be heading […]