Event with ELLE magazine: There’s a Book In You… Here’s How to Write It, Monday 6 March, 6.30pm, London

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I’ll be joining those stylish folks at ELLE magazine for a panel discussion about how to write that novel you’re yearning to get on the page, and then – the all-important question – how to get it published.

Details of the rest of the panel are below.

Should be great fun, and hopefully informative, too… Tickets are £25 and available here.

CHAIRSharmaine Lovegrove – ELLE’s Literary Editor, and former ‘book doctor’, ran a book shop in Berlin for five years. She then co-founded Dialogue Scouting, a London-based consultancy that looks for the next big book to adapt for film and TV.

Laura Barnett – her debut novel The Versions of Us was a number-one bestseller in 2015 and has been sold in 24 other countries since. This summer sees the publication of her second novel Greatest Hits.

Felicity Blunt – started her career assisting the legendary agent Vivienne Schuster. She is now a Literary Agent at Curtis Brown, and her clients include Jilly Cooper, Daphne du Maurier and the food writer Anna Jones.

Abigail Bergstrom – a former senior commissioning editor at Simon & Schuster, Abigail is now the publishing manager for Gleam Futures, where she represents the books of some of the biggest stars on social media, including Zoella and Tanya Barr.

Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinene – the queens of pitches, Yomi and Elizabeth are co-authors of the hotly anticipated Slay In Your Lane: A Black Girl Bible, bought by Fourth Estate after a 9-way auction.